Google Adsense & Doubleclick
On 56-58% of the Top 10K Websites
*Websites containing Google DoubleClick
09/10/17: 1,2
On 28-41% of the Top 10K Websites
*Websites containing Google AdSense
09/10/17: 1,2
Both are services which allow advertisers to measure the performance of their ads.

Both AdSense and DoubleClick are services owned by Google which run ads on all kinds of websites. Google saw the power and value in this technology and in 2007 DoubleClick was acquired by them for $3.1 billion [1]. Both DoubleClick and AdSense measure interaction with the ads to be able to determine how successful various ads are and optimize them accordingly.

This data on how people interact with ads is used to personalize them, and create persuasive content. DoubleClick and AdSense are, together with the rest of Google’s advertising suite, responsible for sustaining Google's monopoly on search engine advertisements. By acquiring DoubleClick, which was a large player in the search advertisement space, Google has made sure that they eliminated their competition. Next to the acquisition, they control not only the services to run and test the advertisements, but they also own the data to determine which ads should be shown to whom through their other tracking technologies and through Google Search.

Email Your Politician

If you are not happy about the fact that Google is able to track you around large parts of the internet, and want to help put pressure on politicians to regulate the Google Monopoly, we have made an email you can send to your EU representative. Click below to generate an email and a list of representatives to send the email to: