Google Search
On 6-6% of the Top 10K Websites
*Websites containing Google Custom Search
09/10/17: 1,2
The widely popular search engine on the internet that can also be implemented within wesbites.

Embedded Google Search bars work exactly like Google Search, the only difference being that they are now visible on a non-Google website, and information from that site first will show in the search results. However, apart from that, it is quite similar to the regular Google Search. All your searches are still recorded and sent to the "mothership", or in other words the Google database. Your inputs are all saved and linked to your user profile, whether you are signed in or not. This information can be used to analyse your search habits, creating a complete profile of you as a person. Knowing what people are interested in is very valuable to Google since they profit greatly by selling targeted advertisements.

Google's entire business rests on these advertisements, which operate using Google Search data in conjunction with lots of data from other Google Services. It is undeniable that Google is a great search engine in terms of results, hence why many people use it. The massive user base is what allows Google to constantly improve their services. This cements Google's position of power on the internet. If so many people use their products, they could shape the future of the internet by continually adapting their offer, becoming the only viable choice.

Email Your Politician

If you are not happy about the fact that Google is able to track you around large parts of the internet, and want to help put pressure on politicians to regulate the Google Monopoly, we have made an email you can send to your EU representative. Click below to generate an email and a list of representatives to send the email to: